Got questions?


Features & Functions

Do I need a power source or batteries?

No, Tudaloo is powered 100% by water pressure.

How does it know where to aim?

Tudaloo comes with two separate nozzles. Each nozzle is different; the rear spray nozzle uses slightly more pressure, and is aimed a bit higher to target the bum. The front spray nozzle is designed to be gentler, featuring lower pressure and a lower aim, focusing on the intimate front area.

How do I choose the pressure?

We've simplified the bidet controls, by adding a dial to the right-side control panel. Choosing a pressure is as simple as twisting the dial to the left or right; the further you twist, the higher the pressure.

How does the self cleaning work?

To use the self clean, simply twist the control dial to the left or right, one click. This will activate the self clean function, which release a steady flow of water to rinse the nozzles before and after use.

Is there a left-sided version?

Not yet, but we are looking into it! This may be a while down the track. If you're worried about reaching your tap, we prove a 1.2m flexi-hose for hard to reach spots!

How much water does it use?

Every hole is unique, so it depends how long it takes to clean up. But on average you can expect to use less than 500ml per wash.

Is there a dryer function?

We don't currently offer a version with a dryer. A dryer would require batteries/power and add extra bulk. We like to keep things simple. A quick pat dry with toilet paper does the trick!

Can I wash with warm water?

Tudaloo uses a single hose which connects to the same water your toilet connects to, which is typically around room temperature. Warm water bidets come with challenges, like connecting to your sink, or using batteries/power source. The water may not even warm up by the time you're done washing!

But, won't the water be too cold?

Not at all! Tudaloo has been tested in sub-zero temperatures and the cold water is barely noticeable. We actually find it gives you a nice shot of energy to kick off your day!


How do I install it?

You can find a copy of our Installation guide here.

Will it fit my toilet?

Tudaloo will fit about 90% of toilet bowls and seats. It's important to confirm that you have access to your tap connection. See below for more info on connections.

Where do I connect the water?

Tudaloo connects to your existing toilet connection, the same one that fills your toilet tank. This can be found in a few locations; outside your toilet, inside your toilet tank, or inside the wall.

Does it require plumbing/a plumber?

Tudaloo doesn't require any hard plumbing, and connects to your existing water line. All bidets must be installed by a licensed plumber only. This ensures installation complies with Australian standards and water supply connections are installed to avoid cross-contamination.

My toilet tap is inside the tank, can I still install?

In most cases, yes. The hose we provide is 8mm, and can usually fit between the lid of the toilet tank and the wall. If you can fit a pinky finger, you can fit the hose.

I have a concealed tank, can I still install?

You can install the Tudaloo attachment, however you will need to find an alternate water source/connection. For example, your bathroom sink

Can I install this on a raised toilet seat?

Yes and no. If you were to install normally on a raised seat, then the spray would be too low to reach the target. We have found this handy guide which explains an alternative installation process. We don't encourage this, or guarantee it's safety.

What about backflow prevention?

Tudaloo comes with a built in backflow valve, ensuring no nasties make their way back into the fresh water supply. It is important to contact your local Water Authority to ensure you are using adequate backflow protection. Dual-check and RPZ valves may need to be purchased in order to legally install your bidet.

Can I Install a Bidet Using Water from a Rainwater Tank?

Yes, you can install a bidet using water from a rainwater tank. However, there are a few important considerations to ensure safety and proper functioning:

  1. Water Pressure: Ensure that the water pressure from your rainwater tank is adequate for the bidet's requirements. Some bidets need a minimum pressure to operate effectively.
  2. Filtration and Treatment: Rainwater should be properly filtered and treated for impurities and bacteria, especially since bidets are used for personal hygiene. It's crucial to have a good filtration system in place.
  3. Plumbing Compliance: Check with a licensed plumber to ensure that your setup complies with local plumbing codes and standards. In some regions, there may be specific regulations regarding the use of rainwater for indoor plumbing fixtures.
  4. Backflow Prevention: As with any bidet installation, make sure there is a backflow prevention device installed to prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the clean water supply.
  5. Regular Maintenance: Maintain your rainwater tank and filtration system regularly to ensure the water quality remains safe for bidet use.

Using a Bidet

How does it work?

With just a flick of the wrist! Using Tudaloo is literally easier than ripping off and folding/scrunching a few squares of toilet paper. Once you've finished your business, turn the control dial to the left/right to choose your wash setting and pressure. Once you've found your target, let the water do its thing for a few seconds. Twist the dial back to the self wash setting for 3 seconds, then back to off. You'll need a few squares of TP to make sure the job is done, and pat dry. Then it's time to flush and go about your day with a feeling of freshness and superiority!

How do I sit on it?

When people think bidets, they think European, standalone, face-the-wall, straddle kinda bidets. With Tudaloo, you don't need to overthink it. You'll sit on the toilet normally, do your business, then the nozzles will wash from behind.

When do I turn it on?

When you've finished doing your doo, you've run out of TikToks to scroll, or you're losing feeling in your legs. To those of you wondering what happens if you turn it on mid-poo, don't let the intrusive thoughts win. But if you do, let us know....for science.

Do I still need toilet paper?

Yes, you'll still need TP for a safety wipe to make sure you got it all, and also to dry. We reckon you'll reduce your usage by about 80% or more. We recommend using an eco-friendly alternative, like bamboo or recycled toilet paper.

Isn't it dirty toilet water?

A common misconception! Tudaloo connects to the fresh water supply, the same water your drink, shower, and wash your hands with.

Won't the water get inside me?

It shouldn't, but it is possible. It's best not to relax too much, or use more pressure than you need. No one likes an accidental enema.


The nozzles are blocked and aren't spraying any water, help!

This could be one of two reasons:

1. You installed the Tudaloo too close to the toilet bowl and the nozzles are getting stuck when activating.

2. You installed the seat too close to the Tudaloo. When you sit down, the seat can press against the Tudaloo and in-turn press the Tudaloo into the toilet bowl, blocking the flow of water.

Time to make some adjustments!

The spray is missing the target, it's too far forward, help!

This is usually caused by a toilet seat issue:

1. The toilet seat has been re-installed on top of the silver/white caps, and is now raised. You will need to install Tudaloo underneath these caps, by removing them with something flat, like a screwdriver.

2. The toilet seat has been re-installed too far back. When re-attaching the seat, it's important that the back rim should be in-front of the Tudaloo. To put it another way, the only part of the Tudaloo that should be visible, is the nozzle guard.

The spray is missing the target, it's too far to the left/right, help!

It sounds like your Tudaloo may not be centred on the toilet and may need to move slightly left or right. If that doesn't work, you can make slight adjustments to the nozzles by rotating them.

Tudaloo installation can require some fine-tuning, but by spending some extra time and attention at the start, you'll be set for the future and ensure a targeted clean every time!

Delivery, Refunds & Returns

Does this come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1 year manufacturers warranty on all products.

Do you ship overseas?

Absolutely! We have multiple international shipping options available at checkout. If you don't see your location, please reach out via our contact page or email us at

Who is your shipping provider?

We choose Sendle as our main shipping provider. Occasionally we will use AusPost where Sendle is not available.

Do you provide carbon neutral shipping?

You bet! All deliveries completed by Sendle are 100% Carbon neutral.

How does the risk free period work?

We like to keep it simple, if you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 60 days of receiving it, reach out to our team and we'll help you return it and process a refund.

How do I return my Tudaloo?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please use our self-service return request form here.

Health & Hygiene

Isn't this dirty toilet water?

Not at all! Tudaloo uses the same water that you drink, shower, and wash your hands with.

I have haemorrhoids, will it hurt?

This will be a lifesaver for you! Toilet paper is a pain in the ass for those with haemorrhoids, Tudaloo is a gentle, loving embrace in comparison. Just find the right pressure for you!

I have just given birth, can I use this?

Congratulations! Tudaloo is fantastic for postpartum mummas. The front spray setting provides a gentle wash for sensitive areas. Take the time to find the right pressure for you, and start slow.

I have a disability, can I use this?

Tudaloo is designed to be as inclusive as possible. The dial is extremely easy to use by most people. If you have a specific condition that you are unsure of, please reach out and we will do our best to help!

Is this ok for the elderly?

Tudaloo is perfect for the elderly! Cleaning thoroughly can be tricky sometimes, for whatever reason. Tudaloo is a one size fits all option, incredibly simple to use, hygienic, and gentle on sensitive skin.

How do I clean the bidet?

Tudaloo nozzles are easily removed for cleaning. We provide details in our instruction guide here.

Can I use this to clean after intercourse?

Definitely! Don't have time for a shower? Tudaloo will tidy things up in no time.

Can I use this for fun?

Don't let us tell you how to live your life, do what feels right!

Tudaloo is not intended for Medical use, and we are not medical professionals! Please consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about Tudaloo for your specific situations.