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Slimline Design

The Tudaloo attachment sits comfortably between your toilet seat and bowl. It adds style, not bulk. No need for a costly, hefty new seat.

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  • One Bidet, Most Toilets

    Tudaloo doesn't play favourites. It fits on about 90% of toilets, thanks to its flexible hose and adjustable plates making the setup a breeze.

  • Powered by Water

    No batteries? No problem! Tudaloo runs on pure water pressure - no power sources needed. Get a refreshing, powerful clean whenever you want.

  • Hits All the Right Spots

    Tudaloo has two nozzles to keep you clean all over - one for the front, one for the back. Plus, there's a rinse setting that cleans both nozzles once you're done.

  • Control at Your Fingertips

    Our dial lets you choose the pressure that's just right for you, from a light spritz to a strong spray. You're in charge of your comfort with Tudaloo.

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The Hidden Costs of Toilet Paper

  • Your Hygiene

    Relying on dry paper just smears the problem. Tudaloo provides a thorough water cleanse that leaves you fresh and truly clean. It's a more hygienic choice - something your body will thank you for.

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  • Your Planet

    Each roll of toilet paper takes up 168L of water and contributes to deforestation. Tudaloo uses a fraction of the water and helps save trees. A tiny change in your bathroom routine has a huge positive impact.

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  • Your Pocket

    The average person uses 100 rolls of TP per year. Tudaloo reduces your toilet paper usage by up to 80%, saving you money in the long run. It's not just a cleaner choice - it's a smarter one for your budget too.

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